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Since I was first elected in 2006, FUHSD has weathered challenges such as the revenue impact of the great recession.  With the combined effort of district leadership, teachers, and staff the district is now stronger than ever.  New facilities, a culture of collaboration, a focus on success of all students, and strong fiscal discipline have positioned the district well for the future. However, I feel there is more work to be done.  I decided it was important to run again.  Two incumbents will not be running for re-election.  While there are excellent candidates who have stepped up to run, replacing three members of the five-person board at one time would not be in the best interests of the district.  

FUHSD has developed a statement of beliefs that guides the work of all us in the district. These beliefs start with a commitment to excellence and equity to ensure that our schools prepare all students for success.  To turn these beliefs into action requires district leadership, teachers, and staff working together in an atmosphere of openness and trust.  I know how important this collaborative environment is to the success of our district, and I have seen how it has been developed through respect and transparency.  The district has also worked hard to keep the trust of our community through open dialogue including community advisory committees on key topics.  I will work to keep the carefully nurtured trust in the district that allows the district to keep its focus on student success. 

With 11,000 high school students plus adults in our Adult Community Education School, I recognize the need for many programs to address the varying needs of these individual students. We continue to work to identify new programs to address unmet needs, expand programs that are working, and modify those programs that turn out not to be as effective as we hoped.  Exciting new programs often arise from the inspiration of groups of teachers, and are then scaled to help additional students across the district.  Strong district finances are critical to this work.  My background as a CEO has proved useful in helping guide the district to its current position with the highest credit rating of any school district in California.

I would very much value any kind of support from you in this campaign…your vote, your endorsement, sharing letters or emails with your friends and neighbors, your financial contribution, your lawn 


Friday, August 10, 2018 12:00 PM

Grand Opening of LHS Field House Addition (Aug 10)

At 3:30 on August 14 the grand opening of the new field house addition will take place at Lynbrook High School.  The grand opening celebrates another step in our efforts to upgrade our facilities to provide the best possible environment for 21st century learning and make our campuses more sustainable.

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